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At SuperiorScape, Inc., we can provide the knowledge and skills needed to create a sturdy and reliable retaining wall. Perhaps you want to change the shape of your yard, solve a drainage problem, highlight a specific element of your yard or create a level area for a playset for the kids. With beautiful and distinctive natural rocks or a modular wall system, retaining walls can add a touch of sophistication to your landscape design while eliminating problems such as poor drainage areas or slopes that are unusable. With years of experience, our staff knows how to structurally ensure that your retaining walls can stand the test of time. We'll investigate the area and install the appropriate draining system behind the wall to prevent water pressure buildup that will damage the integrity of the retaining wall.

From old-fashioned to modern, railroad tie to stone retaining walls, we can incorporate your style into your landscape design. Retaining walls will add to your home's beauty and make those difficult areas more manageable. Retaining walls are used to give support to vertical sloping land. By installing retaining walls, such sloping land can be leveled and be of greater use. Commonly, walls are used for erosion and drainage, but they can also be added to create useful flat areas for lawns.

There are many different materials used in wall construction. Some of the most common types are:

  • Timber
  • Boulder
  • Dry-stacked
  • Block with stone veneer
  • Block with brick veneer
  • And many others

If you are looking to make a retaining wall a part of your landscape, you will need to choose the type of materials that are appealing to you, your existing landscape and your budget. That is where our expertise will come in.

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