Autumnal weather in Alabama is all crisp air, crunching leaves, and starry nights. We wait and wait, perhaps not-so-patiently twiddling our thumbs until Mother Nature deems our beloved Deep South ready for pumpkin spice weather—the time when we can finally break out those shearling lined boots and cashmere sweaters. Now that fall is finally upon us, you can take advantage of the coziest season by creating a comfy living space right in your backyard. Here are three tips to warming up your outdoor living area:

 1) A space perfect for those fireside chats

Is there anything more indicative of the long-awaited change in seasons than snuggling up close enough to hear the calming crackle of the fireplace? With this time of year meaning plenty of clear evenings, why not recreate a cuddle-worthy spot in your own backyard? An outdoor fireplace creates a special sense of intimacy while allowing you and your guests to relish the fall fresh air. Whether in a sheltered entry courtyard, at the rear wall of your home, or at the boundary between paved and planted areas, an outdoor fireside begs for cocoa mugs and intriguing conversation among your favorite people.

2) Go outside-the-box with a cozy kitchen
The kitchen has long been a gathering space for loved ones to reminisce about cherished memories or create brand new ones. Food, after all, is love! With agreeable weather and a sense of both literal and figurative warmth radiating from the stove, developing an outdoor kitchen can create an unparalleled al fresco dining experience! Forget having to leave the group to check on your oven-baked good or stir your stove-top side dish back inside the house! It’ll all be right there in front of you, ensuring you never miss a moment with your friends and family!

3) A firepit patio complete with stunning backyard bar
Few things warm you from the inside out like a hot toddy and a sweet toast among your favorite folks! Consider bringing a bit of Southwest flair to the Deep South by implementing luxe firepit stonework for your back patio with a big (fully stocked!) bar at the center. Be sure to include plenty of seating with plush, weather-resistant cushions in bold patterns and deep, rich colors to build an entertaining area certain to have your guests stopping over again and again!

Your autumnal outdoor haven is only limited to your imagination! To begin making your dreams of a cozy backyard living area a reality, call us at 205-419-5713 today!