Rock-solid paver pattern options

Your hardscape patio is slated to be the epicenter of outdoor entertainment. Just imagine—grilling out and chucking bean bags through corn hole boards at the peak of football season or cozying up to a crackling fire glowing in the pit you’ve had your eye on since you decided to transform your backyard living space. Still, before you hit the ground running on your new hardscape set up, you’ll want to consider the details of the paver laying patterns that work best with your personal aesthetic. Whether you’re a modern traditionalist or an eclectic boho-chic enthusiast, the paver pattern possibilities are endless for suiting the vibe you aspire to achieve. Check out these rock-solid paver pattern options to help get you started.

Traditional Shapes and Laying Patterns

If you’re looking to pave a smaller area, the following traditional patterns are a good move as they don’t overwhelm the area. Perfect for those who are inclined to the more “tried-and-true” approach to decor, rectangular and cobble-style pavers laid into these sensible patterns boast timeless appeal:


This pattern fixes the pavers in rows running in the same direction. But just because it’s a classic, doesn’t mean it has to be a bore! Add depth and personality by playing around with color tones, borders, and pattern direction.


This one is all about the zig-zag pattern as applied to rectangular pieces. To spice up a herringbone design, consider adding a contrasting border along the patio edges.


Intricate and fascinating, the basket weave pattern creates block designs out rectangular pavers. If you’re going for a contemporary edge, you can alternate the color tones or laying direction to create modular designs.

Modular Shapes and Laying Patterns

If your patio is going to be on the larger side and you fancy your aesthetic to be a bit on the adventurous side, modular shaped pavers are a cool twist on the old favorite. Modular shaped pavers offer a variety of square and rectangular sizes that can be laid in multiple laying patterns that are less repetitive, bolder, and visually stunning.

Asymmetrical Shapes and Random Patterns

Perhaps one of the most popular options in paving patterns right now, asymmetrically shaped pavers offer a natural look by incorporating false joints that create the illusion of multiple shapes laid at random. Many gravitate toward multi-shape cobble-style pavers laid in a multi-piece pattern that embodies a more random look—think controlled chaos—as an alternate to using a traditional laying pattern. This style pairs nicely with textured stone in natural hues and can even be fashioned to complement your outdoor fire pit or a backyard kitchen set up.


With a bit of imagination and SuperiorScape’s superb hardscape capabilities, the paving pattern possibilities are endless! For more information on how we can transform your backyard into the outdoor hang-out oasis of your dreams, contact us here today.